Digital Thermometer

A medical thermometer is used for measuring human body temperature. The body temperature can be measured under the tongue, the armpit or rectal with digital thermometers. With non-contact thermometers you are able to get the body temperature from the temple and the temperature of objects within one second.

People choose the Dr. Thermo thermometer for its proven durability, reliability, ease-of-use and comfort. With an accuracy of +/- 0.1 c, the thermometers are not only world class but also durable. Dr. Thermo digital thermometer products feature the latest technology in order to provide fast and accurate results. For flexibility in usage, these digital thermometers provide readings in both celsius and fahrenheit as well as lens probe covers for hygienic use. Most importantly,they are easy to use and meet accuracy standards set by independent organisations globally.

  • - It takes 60 seconds to measure the body temperature.
  • - Easy to read LCD display.
  • - Buzzer beeps when measurement is completed.
  • - It can be used orally and under the armpit or rectal.
  • - °C / °F switchable
  • - Low battery indicator
  • - Self-diagnosis for malfunction
  • - Water-resistant
  • - Memory-Recals last temperature
  • - Flexible Tip provides added comfort and safety