4 variants that will make your best Magic Moments

Strawberry Flavored Condoms

We provide strawberry flavored condoms which allow you to have safe sex and have the greatest pleasure with your partner to the optimum. The good scent and its authentic flavor makes it worth a use. It also has the tart and fruity flavor to it along with the "strawberry-esque" and "greasy characteristics. They're also a little sweet and a little tart and not super latex-y, which is exactly what a flavored condom should be. You might regret what you do with them, but you won't regret your condom choice. A guarantee of 100% Genuine Product delivered in a multi-layered, concealed and discreet packaging to maintain your privacy.

Strawberry Flavor Condom

Chocolate Flavored Condom

Chocolate Flavored Condoms

Our first reaction to the chocolate is that it did indeed smell like chocolate.These Chocolate Flavored Condoms from Magic Moments provide variety and satisfaction with this different Flavor. Magic Moments condoms are Flavored to flare imagination of you and your partner to make it more enjoyable and safe and helps prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. They are also quite skin friendly and would ensure an incredible performance without affecting the skin . The chocolate flavored condoms are moreover easy to use and made of good quality rubber. Spice up your sexual experience with this flavored condom.

Mint Flavored Condoms

The Mates Mint Flavored Condom provides minty pleasure, fresh and invigorating. The shade of green along with the smell and a promising flavur makes it fruitful. Hence, for the must-have minty sensations and to please the palate, utilize the benefits of this particular condom.

Mint Flavored  Condom

Bubble Gum Flavored Condom

Bubble Gum Flavored Condoms

This condom is ribbed , contoured and dotted for extra pleasure. It is made of Natural Rubber Latex and are pink colored with specially formulated lubricant at the tip to help your love making last longer. These condoms are available in a delicious Bubblegum flavor with a scintillating smell stimulating both the partners. It offers complete protection from unwanted pregnancies and STDs and is coated with a lubricant that facilitates penetration and enhances sexual performance.