Air Force


Air Force is an Internationally Acclaimed Brand and also considered long lasting 100% liquid. Currently, we are offering two variants - Born to Fly and Fuel which are equally refreshing and the scent of which would keep you fresh all day long. You can now enjoy its new antiperspirant and deodorant scent with a modern style. One can enjoy the distinctiveness and masculinity of Air Force. Its robust fragrance suits one's personalities and it is long lasting from day to night along with empowering an individual giving them class and sophistication.

A new high performance formula offers odour and wetness protection for up to 24 hours with a modern, masculine scent that separates the men from the boys. It keeps you smelling fresh without leaving any clumps or white marks behind.

  • It is a modern day sweat and odour protection for the modern day man.
  • Day long odour control and confidence in just 1 use.
  • The refreshing scent keeps you fresh all day long.
  • Skin compatibility dermatological proven.
  • Long Lasting sweat protection.
  • It is the scent of true gentleman throughout the ages.
  • Start Fresh, Stay Unforsweatable